Traffic Tickets


Many thousands of traffic tickets are issued each month all over South Carolina by city police officers, sheriff’s deputies at the county level, and by the South Carolina Highway patrol officers at the state level.  Depending on the charges brought against you, I can often get a reduction of the charges against you without having to charge you extra for a court appearance.  Also,  I may be in a position to assist you in getting the points for charges against you dropped all together in some cities with traffic ordinances which allows a plea to moving violations without points being deducted by the SC DMV.   Finally,  most jurisdictions in South Carolina now have in place a Traffic Ticket Diversion program which allows a driver with a traffic charge which carries four (4) points or  less to complete a safety seminar and to do community service in exchange for  dismissal of charges.

Those with North Carolina driver’s licenses getting a speeding ticket in South Carolina have to be especially careful because if they are convicted or plead guilty to a speeding violation which is 15 miles per hour or more over the speed limit, when that conviction is reported by the SC DMV to the ND DMV, then that driver faces loss of driving privileges for up to one (1) year.

For those who are looking at loss of driving privileges if convicted, and for whom no plea bargain can fix the problem,  I can represent you in a trial in the court where your case is pending, and depending on the circumstances may recommend that you allow me to demand a jury trial.  In speeding cases involving an arrest based upon radar evidence, I would also strongly recommend that you allow me to retain a radar expert witness as part of the defense team.